Golf Cart Problem


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Golf Cart Problem

I was driving mine today and I haven't had any issues but as I was driving it just quit firing it turns over but won't go battery is charged , it has fuel , just won't go
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I would start by checking for voltage at the fuel pump. No voltage - check for a blown fuse. If you have voltage, check for pump action by disconnecting line from fuel pump to carb. Then turn on ignition and see if the pump works.
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Start by telling us what make, model and year golf cart you have. Golf carts generally do not electric fuel pumps but if yours is an older cart anything is possible as people will do non-standard things to keep them running.

Like goldstar mentioned. Check to see that the fuel pump is working. Disconnect the fuel line leading from the fuel pump to the carburetor and turn the starter. If it is working fuel should squirt out.

Next check for spark. Remove the spark plug and hold the threads firmly against bare, clean metal of the engine to make a good ground contact. Turn the starter and see if the plug sparks. If not you could have a bad spark plug, wire or ignition coil/module. You also may have a defective ignition switch or broken kill wire to the coil that is grounding out.

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