Polaris Snowmobile


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Polaris Snowmobile

I have a 1995 Polaris Supersport 440 that I am trying to get going for my grandson. I can get the engine to run on ether but it is not drawing gas from the tank. I have disconnected the gas line and blown air into the tank and blown air from the tank thru the line. I am hoping someone might be able to help as I don't know a lot about snowmobiles. Thank you.
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Did you do anything with the fuel pump? Also, have the carburetors been disassembled and cleaned?
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One thing that I learned was that carburetors are the last thing to go bad & the first thing that people blame. Check for spark first.
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So not true, it's almost always a fuel issue.
Old fuel in the tank.
They used ethanol fuel.
They did not use fuel stabilizer when storing it at the end of the year.
Snowmobiles are no different then any chainsaw, or weed whacker.
If it runs with starting fluid then it's not a spark issue.
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It was always true with cars & if he flooded the cylinder, which happens a lot, it becomes a spark issue not to mention a gas washed cylinder, with no compression.

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