Polaris galaxy 440


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Polaris galaxy 440

I just bought a '80 Polaris galaxy 440 and I put a new throttle cable on it. Now when I accelerate I can get up to about 10mph but when I push the throttle all the way in it boggs down to an idle. I spent about 5 hours adjusting the throttle and the carbs but its not making a difference. I'm starting to think it might be a clutch problem but I'm not sure so any help would be greatly appreciated,
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The first thing is to determine if you have a engine or clutch problem. What specifically happens when it boggs down? Does the engine bog down or does the engine continue to rev but the sled slows? Have you tried testing it with the sled jacked so the track isn't touching the ground? Does the same thing happen?
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That's a really old sled, when's the last time someone rebuilt the carburetors?
You did change all the fuel filters, remove all the old gas and add new before starting, right?
There may be a filter inside the tank.
Slipped the drive belt off to take the clutch and drive system out of the loop?
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The engine boggs down. I tried it on a jack and it does the same thing except for a couple times. I didn't take the clutch a part but I put some white lithium grease on the clutch where I could and it made it full throttle for a while then it bogged down again
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We changed the filter and all the lines. Also drained the tank

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