Motorcycle battery dead


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Question Motorcycle battery dead

I won a 2013 Harley 883 Iron. I don't ride it very much and it has very few miles on it. I live in Central Illinois and kept it in the garage all winter. I charged the battery and it started. I only let it run a few minutes. Two days later I went to ride it and the battery was dead again. I recharged it today and the battery charger indicated it was a full charge but still it won't start as if it is dead. The chargers FAULT light was on but it also said full charge. Do I maybe have a bad battery?
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Probably. Pull the battery and take it to a dealer or parts shop. Most will test it for free. It's not unusual for a new or almost new battery to die. I had one on my scoot that lasted about one month. The replacement worked for around nine years.
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Is that battery totally sealed or does it have places to add water, to the cells. Many people overlook that. I saw a car battery once that said on it "sealed" but it had the places to add water. Fill the cells & recharge it.
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I agree with Pulpo and goldstar. Charge the battery at a low rate, under 5 amps.While charging look at each cell to see if all are bubbling, If ancell is not then it's bad. Also feel the battery body while charging, if it is getting hot (towards about 90 degrees) stop charging and let cool. It's also a good idea to charge for a couple of hours, stop charging for a bit the start again. That will help to keep the acid from boiling away.
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When you say you charged the battery then started the bike how much power did the battery have when you did that?

If the voltage on the dead battery was very low as in almost no voltage the battery will be damaged.
Normally you would try to not let the voltage get much below 11.5 volts which should at least let the lights work and the solenoid click.
Below 10.5 volts the battery is being degraded and at 0 volts the battery is finished and charging would be a lost cause.

If you replace the battery you would do well to look for some type of parasitc draw to ensure you do not drain the new battery.
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