Can Carbon Fiber be Manipulated with Heat?


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Can Carbon Fiber be Manipulated with Heat?

I just installed a pair of frame guards on my CRF250X dirt bike and one of them does not sit flush against the frame. There is about a 1/2" gap. Reason being is that it is only held on with one bolt, which causes the opposite side to pull away when the bolt is tightened to spec (36 ft-lbs). I'm curious if I can apply some heat--using a blow dryer or heat gun--to manipulate the guard so that it rests against the frame.
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I've had some luck doing it with fiberglass but I can't remember if that part used polyester or epoxy resin. I would give it a try but proceed with caution. Try to warm the resin enough that you can get it to bend more but not so much that you cause delamination or break down the resin. I would firs work with a hairdryer and maybe go as far as a heat gun but I would not want to try a torch.

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