Ezgo gas golf cart just idles


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Ezgo gas golf cart just idles

Ok. I have a older golf cart. A 1996. Ezgo gas cart. It starts Everytime. When I bought it , it ran ok. But then the cart would sit sit there n idle. I hit the gas pedal. N still just idle. I changed the gas lines brandnew carb. New plug. Air filter. Everything. Ran beautiful for 2 months. Took it everywhere. One day got down the street n just went into neutral n stayed idling. Been parked since. Any ideas?
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I assume you have a gas cart...

Idling and neutral are two totally separate things. Which is your problem?

If it's in neutral... is the shifter fully in the forward or reverse position?
If it's idling... what happens when you step on the accelerator?

I am guessing you have a problem with the throttle linkage. Basically when you step on the gas pedal the throttle on the carburetor is not being operated. Probably a broken or disconnected throttle cable.

Your primary clutch (the one on the engine) is centrifugally actuated. When the engine is at idle the clutch is disengaged and not gripping the drive belt. This can make the cart sorta feel like it's in neutral. The transmission is probably in gear so it doesn't push as easily as it would if you found the dead zone between forward and reverse but you can still push it even while it's in gear.

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