Yamaha introduces the YXZ100R UTV


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Yamaha introduces the YXZ100R UTV

Sept 1st Yamaha rolled out their new entry into the sport side-by-side market.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTT4SKELGr4 I've had 2 Polaris Rzr 800's for over 8 years and I've been very happy with them--but I know when I've been beat.

Awesome suspension and a manual trans. With 112HP I hope Yamaha has flogged this thing and worked out the weak spots.
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The manual shifting transmission sounds interesting. CVT cluthes seem to be a weak link with many models especially when they get hot. Honda's automatic made me nervous as I think it's the same one they use in their ATV so I assumed it might be strained in a vehicle double or triple in weight. Then there's Kubota's hydrostatic. Great control but inefficient and slow.
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Starting around 20K. Not under the Christmas tree this year.
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The funniest/saddest part is on another forum I frequent when people with no experience buy a toy like that. Then drive it through deep water with no preparation. Then bash the machine, manufacturer and dealer because drowning a hot engine in cold water is not covered under warranty.

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