2010 ezgo rxv 48v getting more speed???

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2010 ezgo rxv 48v getting more speed???

can I use a chip on this model?? want more speed and I see these chips for sale but seems like they are for older models?? whats my cheapest and easiest option for some more speed.
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Don't know what chip your are referring to but I would suspect an electric model will only a fast as the motor/speed controler will let it. Apply 100% voltage to the motor and that is as fast as it will go.

Try googleing "high speed gear set" and you will find some options to increase the top speed. Saw one on a site for your cart for about $290
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There is definitely a gear set available but you need to keep in mind that there are always trade offs.

With the gear set you will increase your high end speed at the expense of starting torque. The higher gear set will put more load on the motor requiring more starting current and torque.
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The easiest way to go faster in an electric cart is to install larger diameter tires. You can change the gearing but you still have the same controller and motor so you don't have any more power available, you're just changing the gear ratio. If you truly want higher speed you need more power and that requires a new controller and motor. And, if you really want to go faster a gas cart is much easier and cheaper to hot rod.

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