43cc scooter will not run propperly help please


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43cc scooter will not run propperly help please

A fried brought me a scooter to help him fix. he said one day it just wouldnt start. After determining it was the coil we ordered a replacement. The scooter now starts but runs really poorly. I tried a coil off a lawnmower and it started right up and ran great but the piston fired the motor and ran backwards.

So we know it runs like a champ with a different coil but with the new coil that is the same as the old dead one no longer runs correctly. It boggs and backfires.
what do you think the issue could be?
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If it runs good with the lawnmower coil, why do anything else?
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like I said, that coil makes the wheel turn in reverse
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Since a coil's purpose is to raise voltage from a nominal 6 or 12 volts to a high enough voltage to make a spark jump a gap on a spark plug, I am having a hard time visualizing why it would make the engine run backwards. Are you sure there is not some gearing or drive change that happened?
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It sounds like the coil is firing the plug but the timing is off.

Having spark is a good thing..... having spark at the right time is priceless.

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