Melex Golf Cart resistors location.


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Melex Golf Cart resistors location.

I am restoring a 3-wheeler Melex golf cart. I started few years ago but I had to quit because of health issues. I removed most of the components out for better access of cleaning the chassis. In the process I took out the three coil resistors, R1, R2, and R3. Now I canít remember what sequence they were. The parts manual I have doesnít specify the value. The ohmmeter reading and are approx, 1, 3 and 5 ohms. From left to right, can someone help on the location?
A second question I have, where is the serial number located on the cart? I found a number on the motor casing, 52809 but I think the serial number should be six digits. According to Melex, I have this configuration which it starts with serial number 164610. Itís not terrible important, but I would appreciate if someone had this information.
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Does this page help at all? -

Or this site?

Manuals & Publications - Company Name
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You can try them in place and swap if needed. The 3 ohm will be in the middle. Try 1 at one end and 5 at the other end. If the speeds don't track correctly.... swap the 1 and 5 ohm ones.

The controller connects the resistors to control the motor speed.

1 ohm (fastest speed)
3 ohms
1+3=4 ohms
5 ohms
5+1=6 ohms
5+3=8 ohms
5+3+1=9 ohms (slowest speed)

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