1996 EZGO cart won't go


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1996 EZGO cart won't go

EZ go cart won't move forward. all batteries are charged as confirmed by voltmeter. 36 volt system. Just getting a click from the big black box under the passengers seat. unhooked batteriy and took black cover off. it looks like a "starter" cylinder with wires connected to it, then they run to another black box under the "starter" cylinder. Don't know what to do next. Still just getting a single click when I press accelerator.
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How old are the batteries? What voltage are you seeing and how are you checking the batteries? You should see about 38+ volts in a fully charged bank that has no load on it. But, old batteries are a big culprit.

Remove all your battery cables one end at a time and thoroughly clean each connection, cable and post, and reinstall. Go through the cart and to that to every large cable paying special attention to the ground wires and their connections.

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