EZ Go electric cart


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EZ Go electric cart

I have a TXTE. D1304 ezgo golf cart . The batteries are fully charged , it will not go in either direction. I can hear solonoid click when accelerator pedal is pushed . The problem started when I installed a radio and lights and shorted something out. Could this have damaged controller. I have replaced solonoid but still nothing
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The click you hear IS the solenoid closing.

I have a TXTE. D1304 ezgo golf cart .
Not sure what model number you have listed there.
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The model is TXTE , or so the tag says. Is there a circuit breaker located on the motor, if so , it is not external to the motor
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What did you short out? Has the short been corrected? Without knowing exactly where you were working I can't even guess where or what you may have shorted. At this point anything is possible. Of anything on the cart the solenoid is pretty resistant to a short in the electrical system. You can check it with a meter to see if the solenoid is allowing power through when it's engaged but generally that click sound is a good sign that it is working.

Hopefully you just blew a fuse. Start at the batteries with a meter or test light and start following the power and check everything along the way that stops the power. The controller is hopefully OK as long as you didn't full on reverse the polarity.

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