Fuse blowing on 1986 Honda TRX


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Fuse blowing on 1986 Honda TRX

I have a 1986 Honda TRX and it keeps blowing the fuse that is down by the battery box.
I am a dummy so excuse my ignorance--but the fuse will not quit blowing long enough
for me to see if the other fuse by the left handlebar is good. I will check the continuity of the fuse(just thought of that). The ignition switch is not working and
I cannot get any readings on my voltmeter from the back of the switch. The oil light
and the neutral light do not come on. And of course the starter does not engage. Can someone give me a clue as to what I can do. Oh yes, the switch on the handle bar is
in the center and I do have the transmission in neutral. Thanks for your help!
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Do you have a wiring schematic? If not, I assume that you can find one on Honda's website, and I'd start by downloading that. And I would probably also assume that this is the main fuse since you said that it is near the battery and nothing is working. It sounds like you have a dead short, so I would do a thorough physical inspection of any likely culprits, like the starter terminals, wiring harnesses pinched to tight around bends or pinched between something, bare wires, etc. Then, with the battery disconnected, I would start checking for any direct readings to ground, using whatever you have for checking continuity, from the starter terminals, switch, headlight, etc. Assuming the fuse is blowing immediately, before you touch the switch, I would focus first on the leads directly to the starter and the switch.

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