EZ-Go electrical problem


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EZ-Go electrical problem

Help....I have a 2000 ezgo electric and last month I backed it out of the driveway and it died. I tried turning on/ off the key and tried going in reverse forward several times. Finally, I had to get a neighbor to help me push it back up the driveway. After we pushed it up the driveway, the neighbor turned the key on and put it into drive and it worked. I felt like it must be user error. I used the cart regularly since then going to the pool and mailbox with no problem. Yesterday, I backed out of the driveway and the situation repeated itself. I had no forward or reverse. I tried to turn the key several times. Finally, after several minutes, the cart was able to drive back up the driveway and there it sits.
Any ideas on if it is the key switch, the forward/ neutral reverse switch? How does one troubleshoot something that happens as occasionally as this? Thank you for any help on this matter...
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Well first step would be to double check all connections for security and also any that can be disconnected and cleaned should be cleaned. Key switch and safety switch definite possibilities, but check the basic stuff first.
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About the only way to diagnose is to try and cause the problem to occur. See if you can cause the problem by turning the key on and off. If that doesn't work try repeatedly trying the forward/reverse. Other than that you can just drive until the problem reoccurs. Then be methodical with what you do. If you start willy nilly cycling the key and forward reverse switches and other controls you won't know which one did it. So, start by doing one thing at a time and see if it works. Then remember what the one thing was.

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