Bad gas in 4 wheeler


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Bad gas in 4 wheeler

I have bad fuel (we dont know what the heck it is in that gas can!) In my 4 wheeler and I am an old grandmother but I believe I could follow directions. Is there a video out there for novices who dont know the proper names for the parts?
I know I'm asking alot but any advice (other than Lady, just take it to the shop) would be a wonderful thing!
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How long has the gas been in the 4 wheeler? Does it run? Assuming you want to get the old gas out of it, look for the fuel tank, at the bottom you should see a fuel line (black rubber tubing) likely coming from a small valve.

You might need to use some pliers to slide a coupling along the tubing, then remove it from the valve, have a container ready, with the tube removed you should be able to drain the old gas out of it.

If it's not running, then post some more details on what it's doing, does it start at all? Does it crank but not start? What's the make and model of it? Without that information it will be tough to really help
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Thank you so much for the advice! Its running now. I love this forum!
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Draining the tank is best. However, if the tank is nearly empty, you can just run it till it runs out of fuel. Then add new gas with a bit of carb cleaner.
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Try to empty fuel tanks for engines that are not going to be used for a long time period as much as possible before storing them. I can tell you from experience that old gasoline left for a 2 year period will require a lot of chemical flushing to get it clean again.
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old thread but I'll add my 2 anyway
I rarely drain tanks at the end of a season although I will run it dry when feasible. I always add StaBil to the last tank of fuel. That keeps the fuel usable until you are ready for it again.

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