Removed airbox to 82 nighthawk 650, now fuel leaks out the back


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Removed airbox to 82 nighthawk 650, now fuel leaks out the back

I removed the air box to see how it would run without them before I ordered pod filters. I figured some issues possibly but not this. I put coffee filters on just to have something. Started up fine then shortly after noticed fuel soaking all four coffee filter covers. Whether this was a dumb idea or not I want to understand how this is working then determine whether or not pod filters are a good idea. I've read of several people with my engine and carbs successfully switching to pods, and I don't even have any to test yet so I suspect this will not be related. So should this happen just by removing the airbox? The vent tubes from the carbs and top of cylinder head that used to got to the air box I left open as I read others just route them to the underside of bike or plug them with a filter, but essentially they're left open as they intended to be at least to the airbox which is open to the atmosphere. Before removing airbox carbs were just fine. I rebuilt them within the past year. Any ideas?
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Doubt that air filter has any affect on gas supply. Check gas line fittings at tank and carb. Would also check the float cutoff level on carb. Maybe tank has a crack. Good luck

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