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Melee 212

I am considering a1990 Melex 212 golf cart however I donít know much about them.The owner said his dad does not maintain ití as he should and when the batteries which are completely void of charge right now will only make it around the block once when the batteries are charged.Also the charger I had a new gauge put into it and now when it is plugged in to charge the batteries it will trip a breaker inside the house.My question is what would make the batteries drain so quickly they are a year old and next is why is the charger tripping a breaker all of a sudden .. Lastly is this cart worth $500.
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If the batteries were not maintained or properly stored over winter they are likely shot and will not hold a charge. You might be able to revive them if you add water and/or electrolyte but since you are considering buying it just assume they will need to be replaced.

It sounds like there is something wrong with the new gauge or how it was wired in.

It is worth $500? It's your money. I would recommend seeing how available parts are for this model or if you can install "universal" parts if needed. I personally have never heard of Melex but then again, I am not shopping for a golf cart.

Just food for thought: A guy near me referbs golf carts and they tent to be $3500-$4000 range.

Good luck!
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Just a thought, but what you might have is ONE bad battery instead of all of them. You would need to disconnect them and have individual tests done on them. That's a best case scenario but maybe you'll be lucky.
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