How to charge AGM motorcycle battery far from an outlet?

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How to charge AGM motorcycle battery far from an outlet?

Is there a portable battery pack that can be used to charge a motorcycle AGM battery without removing it from the motorcycle?

My motorcycle is parked in an apartment designated parking space that has no nearby outlet. I could bring the battery indoor to keep it charged with an AGM battery charger but it is a pain to remove/install the battery, and this also makes it difficult to use the motorcycle on impulse in case of a warm sunny day during the winter.

Is there an portable charger (like a car jump starter battery pack) that can be used to charge AGM battery? This way I can charge the battery pack in the apartment, then use the battery pack to charge the motorcycle.
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My comment doesnt directly answer your question but will give you an alternative. A battery pack wont charge your battery but, if you have a battery pack to jump start the motorcycle, once started, the electrical system on the motorcycle should charge it somewhat quickly while the motorcycle is running.
If there is an issue with the charging system on the bike, or if the battery is completely dead, it wont take a charge either way more than likely & will require a new battery. And of course the electrical system on the bike wont charge it in 5 minutes but over 20 or 30 minutes it should charge it to a reasonable, dependable charge to use for a bit. Again, unless the bike has charging issues.

Additionally, an option would be to go out every few days, once a week & start the bike for 15 minutes & let it keep the battery charged like that. Otherwise, charging it, then letting it run down again, is going to ruin the battery in that, obviously, the battery is weak in its current state. Back & forth will not sustain the battery & will soon need to be replaced anyway.
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Option 1: Bring the battery in and charge it.

Option 2: I know it's a PITA but any battery powered charging would require you to go down there hook it up... then what stand there for a few hours while it charges.

Option 4: Get a jump starter. Walk down there and jump start the bike but then have to deal with the jump pack. Do you carry it with you on your ride, leave the jump pack behind to be stolen or take the jump pack back to your apartment with your bike left running... to be stolen.

Option 5: Replace the bike's AGM battery with lithium. They can sit for many times longer than a lead battery and still have plenty of power for starting.

Option 6: Get the bike's charging system fixed or buy a new battery so it can sit several months and still be able to start. As long as there is no current leak a good battery shouldn't have any trouble. You just need to go for a ride one nice day and charge the battery.

Don't make the mistake of just going out and starting the bike and let it idle for a while. The charging system doesn't make much power at idle and if you can't turn off your headlight it might draw more power than it puts out at idle. So, take the bike out for 20+ minutes. Get the engine up to full temperature and turn a few thousand rpm's so the charging system is making enough juice to charge the battery a reasonable amount.
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Is the motorcycle inside or outside ?

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