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I am going to build my own hog roaster and am looking for someplace to find a rotisserie to put in it as well as comments on the best design. I would like to make it a charcoal burner but may be persueded to change it to gas. Any photos or links to better my design would be greatly appreciated. I am starting with a 250 gal fuel oil tank (new - not filled before) and want to put it on a trailer - that is as far as I am! So any design can be made from here. I am looking for the easiest to use and best way to cook a large pig many times a year, so durability is a must. Thanks for any help.
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Greetings, I also use an oil tank as a pig roaster. I cut the tank in half from top to bottom so that it is a very wide roaster. I then welded a handle and short legs on each of the 4 corners for easier lifting. Then, I welded some stock 2" steel in the middle of each end of the tank and welded on muffler clamps "U" parts evenly spaced so that I can adjust the rod across the tank to the desired height. I have roasted many a pig and have learned that charcoal low & slow is the way to go. Also when you say "large pig" I am not sure the weight you mean. I have roasted 140 lb and they are not nearly as good as a 75lb porker. 60lb -80lb will give you the best cooking results and taste. GOOD LUCK AND GOOD EATING!
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Just build the rotiserri - no big deal

i just finished a whole hog roaster/smoker. 10sq/ft charcoal grill. and have used it in each of its configurations already! when i built the rotisseri(sp) i simply used 3/4 hot rolled steel rod and made a "star" on each end that i have "slideable - clamp down bars on" but the drive system is made of a WAAAAAYYYY overpowered 1/2 h.p. 110 v. gear reduction motor turning at about 244 rpms. then i went from there to a transaxel from a salvaged lawn tractor. from there to the spit! it was really simple and my final drive R.P.M. is exactly 1 (just what i wanted to begin with). it all works great! I did need to make the entire drivetrain adjustable on a "carraige" so that i could adjust the tenson on the belt to the spit depending on the weight of the meat (s) being roasted, or smoked! It turned out great any questions just let me know somehow!

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