canadian meat smokers i need help!


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canadian meat smokers i need help!

where do i buy this stuff:

-pink salt/instacure #1
-curing salt/instacure #2
-soy protein concentrate

all seems to be readily available in the usa, but i can't find any of these at my local grocers. (zehrs & sobeys) does anyone know where to buy?? thx

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Posts: 2,204 can always buy it on line but I don't know if it would be worth the cost. Did you just try browsing the grocery store or have you asked the butcher?

A lot of times I could be standing right in front of it but I don't see it, but when I's right there. I'm not in your area nor do I know your area or grocery stores but that was just a thought.
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Do you have like a farm supply store or large outdoor store like Bass Pro or Cabellas near ? They may have what you need. Maybe the Canadians on the site will see this and be able to help you soon.
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Hello Matt,

I am fortunate to have one of two Canada Compound stores in my home city.
There is a second store in Woodridge Ontario.

If this doesn't work out you will need to find an outlet that caters to butchers.

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well the only place i found those items available to canada was through the sausage maker. great ppl to deal with


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