smoking help, what am i doing wrong??


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Exclamation smoking help, what am i doing wrong??

ok, so recipe says to smoke meat at 120*f for 3-6hrs, or until hard, but not brittle. (jerky) well 10hrs later i'm still sitting here, my average temp is about 130 and the meat is getting harder, but by guesstimation i think it'd need another 10hrs at least going at this rate. wtf!!

the only reason i can think of is that i'm using ground beef instead of venison, i didn't want to waste venison on my first try.

i taste tested a piece of it and it tastes horrible, the inside of the jerky doesn't even look like it's cooked/smoked. i'm gonna chuck this entire batch i think, i really must have gone wrong somewhere.

any suggestions? was it the beef? should i have dried the meat overnight first before smoking?


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The ground beef was probably the problem. LOTS of moisture. Thats why people are using dehydrators for making jerky. You have to remove almost all the moisture and at the same time, not burn it.
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If you're making beef jerky(sorry, I can't tell), just a thought but I would try another recipe online and you will find more info on other recipes... then compare it to the one you have. Also read some reviews (that's what I do) b/c sometimes others add more or less to the original recipe and they'll tell you why. A lot of people have different taste buds...

I guess it was a good decision you didn't waste it on venison

Don't give up and keep trying (make a smaller batch) as it usually tends to get better every time. At least that's how it goes for me.
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How thick were the pieces prior to smoking? Venison has very little fat, so it dries quickly. Depending on what % lean ground beef you have, it will probably take longer to dry. The oils in the fat will keep the meat moist.
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the pieces were all about 1/4" thick. i will look around for some different (maybe specific) beer recipes. good idea about a dehydrator, i bought the smoker just 'cause i wanted "the real thing" lol

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well, just an update: i have not had any luck cold-smoking anything. however, everything i've hot smoked has turned out just fabulous! so i think i'm in the market for a book on how to smoke items properly, i must be doing something inherently wrong on the coldsmoking side

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I tried ground meat jerky as well and didn't have much luck either.
I don't know if it is as much as your smoking tecnique as the actual recipe for the jerky.
I gave it up and do much better with smoking homemade sausage and other things.

If it's a book you are looking for then Rytek Kutas book on sausage making and smoking is the best I've seen.

If you want to get going right away there is a ton of information on the internet.
Smoking and q'ing as a hobby has a very big following and there is no shortage of people who are willing to talk about it.

So, what kind of smoker do you have?
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Personally, I have not had these types of problems. Maybe dumb luck? Could be. But then again not tried making beef jerky from ground beef either.

After seasoning meat, other than ground beef or ground round, etc. I smoke it also. Slowly smoke it that is. Smoker brand may or may not matter. I wouldn't know. I only have one smoker.

Once the beef is done per recipe instructions and temperature, meat gets cut (slicer cut) to thin slices like bacon. Then placed into dehydrator and dried. Follow manufactures instructions for the specific food item(s). My final results have never been so bad as to not being able to eat nor enjoy whatever is prepared.

The first visit to the page, look at the google ads between the first post and the second post. Advertiser has the recipes and books needed. And also the related ads to the right >>> and slightly above this post.

Why the need to search for any info, when it is right here on this page is beyond me....????? All the info and recipes are right here. The books and info does vary based upon factors but much the same info for the basics when compared to the expert methods.....

I have tried several already and have been satisfied with the info as well as the results. Practice does make perfect. Until perfection is achieved, plenty of good food to be eaten and enjoyed anyway.....

Ads on this page, like ads on every page are dynamic. Change with each refreshment of the first page. Checking the ads on the first visit of each visit will then provide the info related to the topic, if any is available specifically for the topic.

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