foil or not?


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foil or not?

I have always had a problem with traditional charcoal cooking grills.
When the coals are good and hot and i put meat on the grill usually the melting grease snuffs out he coals and cooking is over.

What does everyone do about this problem, Alot of times i use aluminum foil on the grill and then have the meat on top of that and channel the grease off to the side of the grill.

I want to hear everyones suggestions and what you have done,thanks.
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Are you using enough charcoal and letting it get white hot before cooking ? I've never used foil and have never had the problem of it putting out the coals.

You have to let your coals heat up for 15 min to 1/2 hour before cooking and leave them in a pile while they're getting hot. Then when they are hot you spread them out evenly.

If you're cooking something that takes a long time you can add coals but not the self lighting kind cause your food will taste of lighter fluid.
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I usually let them heat up real white and maybe a little more than 1/2 hour.

the grease still drips down from hamburgers and snuffs out the coals to the point where they don't cook anymore.
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You may be letting it heat up TOO long. Just try 15 or 20 minues, which should be long enough and try adding a little extra charcoal. Like Mattison said, there may not be enough. The only time it's gone out on me is because of these two reasons.
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I never wait. I use a fail amount of lighter fluid and once the fires out spread the coals out and start cooking. Never had a problem with them going out.I don't wait for them to heat up and food cooks fast.
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Yes, this is an old thread, but if you're still here, here's my $.02 worth:
It sounds like you might have an airflow problem. Are the top & bottom air dampers open? Are they clear of ashes? Is the grilling surface too crowded? Normally, dripping grease would cause a flare-up, not a snuff-out.
(FWIW- I have had a Weber kettle for many years, and never have had this problem.)
Good luck!

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