weber gas outdoor grille


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weber gas outdoor grille

Hi, I have a weber outdoor gas grille. The problem is that the grille will not heat up. The flame will go low sometimes and just go out. I read about the bypass in the regulator incase of a leak and I followed how to reset it. But it just doesnt want to heat up enough and the flame is to low. I checked all the connections for pipes and everthing appears fine. It just seems there isnt enough presure coming out of the regulator.

Any thoughts

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Webers are excellent grills. Check the burner tubes and venturis for spiders and webs. It seems that for whatever reason spiders just love gas grill burners, and that will screw up the flame.
If that doesn't solve it, give Weber customer service a call. They are the absolute best for helping over the phone.
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weber gas outdoor grille

Check every possible orifice for spider webs. Spiders love gas grill and they can clog up everything. Usually, it is slow, so you do not notice until it really gets bad.

Edit - Sorry I was a little to slow!

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hello, well the fix was to replace the regulator(the part that screws onto the tank).


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