Gas Grill Advise


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Gas Grill Advise

OK, so, yesterday I purchase a Uniflame gas grill at Wallmart. Spent 3 hours assembling it this morning. All went well except the thermometer gauge, but they are going to send me another one. Satisfied customer! It seems like I purchase a new gas grill about every two years. We are heavy outdoor cooks! I have never been successful in retrofitting a gas grill, all of the replaceable parts. due to the heat I assume, are gaulded, never to be removed and replaced. So, all of that being said, aside from making sure that I cover the grill, which I do, to protect from the elements, what should I do in terms of new gas grill maintenance? Any and all suggestions will be most appreciated. My guess is that in two years I'll be back to buying a new gas grill. Help?
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Well...first of all...stop buying grilles at J/k Sort of...

Cheap grilles are just that. Sure they can be made to last longer with careful maintenance...but things like the burners and grates just aren't very heavy duty and heavy usage will just burn them out. Esp the stamped steel burners, chrome grates, and painted sheet metal enclosures.

I had a nice model Charbroil with cast aluminum enclosure and cast iron grates (bought on clearance with missing parts bada bing extra 30% off!)....left it outside uncovered most of the time (except when winter in VA really set in).....cleaned it inside and out once a year, replaced the ceramic briquets...kept the grates cleaned and oiled after each use. After about 5 yrs it needed a new burner and just for looks I wirebrushed, sanded, and painted the exterior. Had it for 12 of the 13 yrs I lived there. Gave it away (still working) to a neighbor when I moved.

Bought another Charbroil when I was temporarily in CA before moving here (same deal..closeout missing minor parts, ka-CHING...$500 grille for under $300). Heavy duty stainless exterior, cast iron grates, cast burners.....I leave it outside year round and it gets less maintenance than the other...I clean the exterior and scrape out the inside and the sizzle grates each year. Brush the burners if I get a bad flame pattern on startup. I still clean and oil the grates either after or before each use.

Never had a problem with spiders or anything in the burners.

Basically I guess I'm saying a $200 grille is a 2 yr investment.

Now..if you are spending $350-400 or should last 5-6 yrs with just the very basics. Longer if you could put it in a garage or shed for the off season.
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Like you, I went through a couple of cheap grills before I wised up. I bought a two burner Weber grill that I tossed out last year. I had that grill for over 20 years. I left it outside every winter (covered) and it just kept on cooking. For years I wanted a larger, hotter grill with more grill area and more burners. But I couldn't justify buying a new one when the one I had worked fine. I kept waiting for the Weber I had to crap out. It never did. I finally put it out by the road and it was gone in a couple of hours.

I now have a 3 burner Weber. A bit more expensive than the low end brands but well worth the effort. I'm considering putting it in my will 'cause it's going to out last me.
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