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Any recommendations for an outdoor gas grille that isn't junk?


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Any recommendations for an outdoor gas grille that isn't junk?

I bought an all stainless steel CharBroil grille about 4 years ago that I thought would last. Little did I know that it is a piece of junk like many others!

Within 2 years the stainless tub split, I complained to the mfg since it was under warranty, he said that part wasn't replaceable, only the entire grille. He told me to live with it since it won't hurt anything.... HUH? Now 3-5 years later, this thing is falling apart. Igniters are flaky, I replaced the stainless burners twice, one issue at a time it is disintegrating on my porch.

I'm not looking to spend $1M, I'm just looking for a decent, well built unit that I can go to Home Depot or Lowed and buy and it will last a while.

Any suggestions?
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Webber is the only brand that comes to mind but I have no experience with their newer products since my parents 25 year old one and my 20+ year old one are still going strong. Some pieces (flavorizer bars, ignitor) need occasional replacement if you leave the grill outside but nothing I'd consider excessive.

My old Webber was still working fine but did not look "saxy" so 5 years ago we bought a "saxy" big stainless one from Costco. The body and grates are stainless and look like new but the burners and ignitor mounts were carbon steel and soon died. I've been going through replacing failed parts with stainless and have finally gotten it to where it should have been. All stainless. Unfortunately I've had to fabricate some of the parts myself since replacement parts were only available in carbon steel which rusts.

I suspect that since you've been replacing burners that they were not actually stainless steel. A grill is a tough environment, especially if you leave it outside. Cooking fats, oils, seasonings (salt, vinegar) are pretty corrosive. Keeping it inside the garage will help a lot to extend it's life. A cover helps some but daily temperature changes means moisture is often condensing creating a perfect environment for corrosion.

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