14.5 IHC briggs trash or...?


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14.5 IHC briggs trash or...?

Ive got a signature 2000 riding lawn mower that is fairly old and has been sitting for some time ( given to me although i didnt really want it) . I tried to start it up today and no go. Found that the starter gear was already against the flywheel so i moved it down and tested the starter by holding down the pinion gear that normally moves up to meet the flywheel. It spins strongly without a load and moves up to engage drive when the key is turned and then sticks. I figured a little rust in the bore? .. so i take out the spark plug and tons .. literally tons of water drains out???? Is the engine probably boat anchor now? I tried spraying a little starting fluid in the plug hole and turning the flywheel manually to push out any water/crud but still the starter sticks when it engages the flywheel. The flywheel is very very rusted im not sure the pickup for the spark would even work but for now im just trying to get it to turn over without the plug in. Any advice im not familiar with overhead valve briggs and straton engines. I fear the worst for the bore as turning the flywheel by hand is very hard not a smooth motion. THanks for any ideas/help. -Josh
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Hello Josh!

Well, it sounds like you have a project on your hands. Most likely, you have 1 or 2 stuck valves, stuck rings, and bent pushrods. This isn't expensive to repair, but it will take a little work. Pull the head off first of all....a 15 minute job. This will give you visual acess to the cylinder, valves, and pushrods. Check the cylinder. Clean it up and look for rust pits. Chances are it isn't hurt, but look. If it is pitted, boring is needed, and that plus parts exceeds the value of the engine. If the valves are stuck, spray them with penetrating oil and tap them with a block of wood back and forth until they move freely. I would also recommend removing the piston and checking/changing the rings. You can inspect the inside of the engine when you get the piston out. Chances are you will be able to get by with a re-ring and cleanup. If the cylinder was full of water, you will probably need to rebuild the carb to...which shouldn't cost more than $15.00. The total cost of parts here, if no hard parts are needed, shouldnt be more than $50.00 or so.

Let us know what you find, we'll help you do the project!

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