8hp engine that stalls...


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8hp engine that stalls...

Hey. I don't know if you guys remember or not, but a few months ago I was asking you a bunch of questions about a 8 hp Briggs & Stratton go-kart engine that wouldn't start. We went through lots of tests and procedures. Well, I finally got it to start. But now my problem is keeping it running. I got it to start with some quick-start engine fluid, but it only runs for about 20 seconds before stalling out again. When I felt it start to die, I would reach back and push down the choke. Then it would work through the stall and keep running. Then it wanted to stall with the choke activated so I would have to unchoke it while it was running. Again it would regain power and run for a few seconds before wanting to stall again. I know this is some kind of gas problem in the carburator, but do you have any suggestions?
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Remove the float bowl and clean it out. that is probably all you'll need to do. Is your air/fuel mixture screw adjusted 1 1/2 to 2 turns out? Also, does it have an adjustment screw on the bottom of the bowl? Try turning it out 1/2 turn or so.
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What is the float bowl and where is it located? Thanks.
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Hello: raymo8

The float bowl is located directly beneath the carb body. It will have a threaded screw of some sort securing it to the carb body.

Remove that hex nut screw and the bowl will come off. Clean as needed and check the screw threaded area. Many have tiny holes in the threaded area. Clean out the holes and the center bore.

Reinstall and remount carb exactly as you removed it.
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I haven't had a chance to examine the float bowl yet, but I have noticed that gas drips out of that hex nut that your talking about when the engine is running or is being pulled in order to start. Maybe that could be the problem. Too much gas getting in? Also, that hex nut has fallen out before so I had to replace it. I stuck a normal bolt that I had laying around the house in there. If it wasn't the same length (1/4 to 1/2 inch off), could this be the problem?
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You have to get the proper bowl nut for the engine. It has holes in it that send the gas up to the ports in the carb. You need the screw and the washer. Should be able to get from your local small engine supply.

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