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I have a similar problem, fuel delivery, but it is a little different. It baffles me. The engine starts fine, and will idle, but if I throttle the engine, it makes a loud, muffled sound like it is choked for air, then dies, unless I immediately release the throttle. It does this even without the air filter installed, and the choke wide open. If I gently increase the throttle, and I mean very gently, I can get the engine up to speed in about 30 seconds, and am ok as long as I run the machine at full throttle. If I let it idle for more than a few seconds, I have the same problem--I cannot give it throttle without killing the engine. It is a homelite string trimmer similar to the one that was problematic in the original post. Any ideas?
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Hello: curleq20

Although the symptoms are not exactly the same, the engine still has fuel delivery problems. However, in this case it is more likely in the carb or carb adjustment.

Most likely the carb jets and fuel passages are restricted. You can attempt to verify this by opening up the "H" {for High Speed} screw another 1/4 turn and the same amount for the "L" {Low Speed} screw.

The increase in fuel, if any, will allow for the engine to accelerate from idle without dying out. If not amount of adjustment corrects the problem, the carb is restricted or the fuel flow into it is.

Read the other postings on these topics for additional information.
The other professionals in this forum will most likely have additional info to offer you. Check back on your topic several times.


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