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2 Cycle Starting Problem

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08-09-02, 02:38 PM   #1  
Spark plug question

I have a Craftsman leaf blower that won't start. I suspected the spark plug because when I took it out of the piston chamber and left it on the wire I could't see a spark when I pulled the rope. I put (and here's the real question) an ohm meter on each end of the plug and there was no continuity. Should there be?
I went and got a new spark plug and when I was trying to get it out those *%$# packages they sell them in it came flying out and took a pretty good hit on the concrete. I put it in 'cause it looked okay to me. But it won't start. I'm thinkin' maybe I messed it up. So (1) should there be continuity between each end of a good plug and (2) if it's not the plug, any ideas?

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08-09-02, 05:26 PM   #2  
1. Depends on the plug; some plug designs incorporate a gap in the electrode path (under the porcelain) for better firing.

Recheck for spark; when you have the plug out and attached to the plug wire, you need to ensure that the plug body is touching the cylinder head or other source of engine ground or you won't get a spark. If the plug is dangling in the air there's no ground for the spark to jump to.

2. Possible fuel problem. On something as simple as a leaf blower, basically comes down to ignition problem or fuel problem if it won't run. Last time I had a small engine no-run problem it was a deteriorated fuel supply line (one of those real small ones like less than 1/8") from the tank to the carburetur.

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08-11-02, 09:25 AM   #3  
gettin' spark

Okay, getting spark and fuel lines seem to be unclogged. When I pump the primer button fuel seems to flow through lines okay but after repeted pumping it seems like the carb would get full of fuel and it doesn't. Tried to blow it out with WD40 ....oops, maybe that was a mistake, huh?
Anyway, any other ideas?

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08-11-02, 10:26 AM   #4  
Hello: bm5231

The ooops posting has deleted...

Glad you located and corrected the no spark condition.

Regarding the no spark condition for other readers:
Another possible reason for the no spark condition could be a defective "ON/OFF"switch and or a constantly grounded kill switch or button, depending upon the model. Some brands and models have one or the other or both.

In order to verify if there is a constant grounding and or defective switch or button, try a continuity test across the part or parts mentioned.

Regarding your blowers specific condition, there just not be any fuel getting into the engine. The carbs diaphram or needle and or needle seat may be restricted, not functioning, etc.

Try adding a drop or two of fuel directly into the carbs intake and attempt to start the engine. If it fires briefly, there lies the answer. No fuel passing through the carb.

Most likely I have not covered all of the potential possibilities either. Other resident small engine service and repair professionals may offer additional suggestions, advice & help.

Check back on your topic several times over the next several days for additional replies.

In the mean time:
You may want to read the other postings and replies offered on this same type of 2 cycle engine problems or any no start problem topic in the RECENT postings, within this forum, for additional help & information on this subject.

Regards & Good Luck,
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