Ignition Points Fouling


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Ignition Points Fouling

I have a 6hp Briggs tiller (MTD)...about 20yrs old purchased used last year. Everytime it lays for more than a week period without being used, i have to clean the points in order to get a spark. She then kicks over on the first pull. I've tried cleaning everthing, replaced points and condenser but same thing happens. I have to pull the flywheeel, open the points cover, clean the contacts , then it runs. Why is this happending and what are my options.
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Hello jimmychick!

My first reccomendation is to forget about the points and convert to electronic ignition. A module can be purchased for less then 20.00 and it is very easy to do. If you feel the need to keep the points, your plunger may be worn and allowing oil seepage to enter the points housing.
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Thanks.....after reading your recommendation as well as some of the other forum responses, i do believe that electronic ignition is the way to go. Now to find where to get one. I do have a couple of jobbers in the area.
Also, never did see any oil from the plunger onto the contacts unless the film is very faint, that was why the whole matter is puzzling.
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Hello: jimmychic

Oil is a factor but then so is it possible to have moisture present. This could be the result of a defective seal of the cover etc.

Electronic modules can be pruchased just about any place outdoor power equipment is sold. Besure to purchased the correct spark module for that specific engine brand and horespower rating.

Potential sources for manuals and or replacement parts:

BILLIOU'S 1-209-784-4102

L.S.THORPE CO. INC. 1-617-776-2445

I do not have any affiliations nor vested interests in either of these retail parts suppliers. Provided solely to assist with locating parts.

Small engine parts can also be found at your local small engine and lawn mower repair shops listed in the phone book.

Other small engine service and repair professionals, replying within this forum, may be able to offer you additional locations and or sources to obtain manuals and or parts. Check back on your topic several times.

Regards & Good Luck,
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How are you cleaning the points?
On these old single cylinders the points are not real particular on the gap, if the points are not closing completely you will get a carbon build up. After you you clean and reset the points, Run a dollar bill (folded over) once or twice through the closed points. This will pickup any oil, metals or sandpaper remnants left over from the cleaning.

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