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If a main gear having 45 teeth is revolving at 360 RPM, then the speed of a 15 tooth pinion driving this gear is?
a) 120 RPM
b) 180 RPM
c) 1080 RPM
d) 1800 RPM

Sorry I'm so lost this is all new to me!
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A 45 tooth gear has 3 times as many teeth as the 15 tooth gear. So for every revolution of the 45 tooth gear, the 15 tooth gear revolves 3 times. Therefore when the 45 tooth gear turns 360 revolutions per minute, the 15 tooth gear is turning 1080 times per minute. (360 X 3 = 1080). This creates a 3:1 gear ratio since the driving gear is turning 3 times for every 1 turn of the driven gear.

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