engine modifying questions


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engine modifying questions

Hi i am helping my brother make his mini bike into a hot rod.
I have knocked the baffle out of the mufller for more of a harly davidson sound. It sounds relly cool but fouls up the plug every now and then . is there a way to set the jet so it wont foul up.
also is there any preformance tips to do to make this thing work relly good and have more power. its an old engine looks like a rotortiller engine.
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J A Boggan
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Could you give some detailed information, like Manuf., model# and if its a Briggs and Stratton include the Type# and Code#. I'm assuming that you have a "horizontal shaft" engine.
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im pretty shure its an old brigs. I think the model # is 5B becuse that is the number on the side of the motor. It is a cast iron motor thats about all the info i have on it.
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If you can, find a go-cart shop. If they sell go-carts for racing, they will have all kinds of goodies for that Briggs. Tuned pipes (really cool sounding too) cams, carbs, tips for advancing the engine timing, you name it. Those horizontal Briggs 5hp motors have more hop up parts than you can think of. Do a search for "briggs and stratton" or go to "briggsracing.com" to see what is out there. One thing about knocking out the baffle in your muffler, you basically make it a 5 inch straight pipe, which can actually kill the low end power of the engine, and risk burning the exhuast valve. But it does sound pretty cool.. Find a tuned exhuast pipe, about $25-$30.

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