Generator Engine Problem


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LEHI Baits
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Honda Generator won't run

I have a EM 2200 X generator which has been resting for 2 years. No fuel left in tank when it went to bed last. Took it out today for a test run and it will not run. New gas, new plug, switch is on. Cleaned the carb., including the needle valve, checked fuel lines and made sure the vale was open to let fuel flow. Everything checked good. Shot some gas into carb. and it fired right up but when it drank that little bit of gas, it went back to sleep. Repeated that several times with the same results. It just won't run.( Won't get gas) Anyone have any ideas, would appreciate. Thanks, Russell
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Hello LEHI Baits, this problem is common and most often very easy to overcome. I was unable to find any helpful details on this Honda engine as far as how its fueled so some of my questions/advice may not apply but I'll give it a shot. First, pull the fuel line off at the carb and make sure fuel will flow freely from the line. If so put it back. Remove the nut or retainer that holds the carbs float bowl on and remove the bowl. Check for free float travel up and down. When the bowl is removed the float should fall freely and fuel should flow. If this doesn't happen you are closing in on the problem. If you have fuel flow holding up on the float should stop the flow. Only the slightest pressure should be needed to move the float, do not force it if it won't move. If all checks out to this point you have a blockage leading from the float bowl in to the carb. This can be in one of two places or both. If the bowl is held on with a brass nut there may be some very tiny holes or hole in the side that are easily blocked. Carb cleaner and a tiny wire, something like a bristle from a wire brush, are great for clearing these. If there are no holes or they are clear the only other blockage will be straight up through the bottom of the carb leading into the throat of the carb. This is also cleared much the same as I just described but the hole will be somewhat larger. Try these steps and there is a good chance you will report back that you are now generating......Mike
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LEHI Baits
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Thanks Mike

The problem ended up being a clogged jet that screws up into the fuel pick up below the carb. in the bowl. Once I put it all back together, I think it started all by itself. Thanks for the quick reply, Russell
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The best thing for cleaning the orifices on any carb is a set of welding tip cleaners.
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Yeah, the welding tip cleaners work great. I use those some but most often use an oriface bit set. You can true an oriface with a bit to factory specs if its really gummed up. I suggest the wire because it will work and a DIY'er can do this without buying something they may never need again. Perhaps I should advise the correct way to do something and with what and then give some alternatives.....Mike

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