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what tractor/mower?

first off i want to apologize for this "which one should i buy" question? i know they get irratating but i dont know where elso to go. anyway, my wife and i just bought a home. it is just about an acre (little less) of lawn to mow. it is flat but just large enough where i want a riding mower. there are a few trees around the yard but no big grouping anywhere. i do not need a huge tractor. we do not plan on ever using it for hauling (a little maybe but just limbs that we prune back, nothing heavy). i would be looking at spending about 1400$. of course i would love a deere, kabota or cub cadet but i doubt i will be winning the lottery anytime soon. i looked at the sears craftsman models and they look decent. is there anything elso out there and what should i be looking for in a mower, ie ..what kind of engine manufactors are the best, reliable brands....etc.. i am very new to this and can use all the help i can get. i also would prefer to buy new if possible. any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.
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Hello and welcome Evan!

In my experience...Craftsman makes a good machine for the money. It is made by AYP. I would stay away from the ones with the engine in the rear...made by Murray. Go with a tractor style...42" or more. Get one with a Kohler engine, or a Briggs and Stratton...Kohler being the choice pick. If you do get a Briggs engine, stay away from the 17 hp Vanguard. They seem to be having a lot of trouble with that engine. For 1400.00 you should be able to get a 16 to 18 hp kohler, 42" blade deck, Heavy gague deck, and electric PTO. The electric PTO is much more reliable and trouble-free than the manual blade engagement style. The Hydrostatic transmissions also seem to be less trouble-prone.

I usually tell people if they have plenty to spend, get a Deere. If money is an issue, get a craftsman. They are NOT top of the line...but I think they are the best money-to-quality-ratio mower out there. There are always those few that seem to be a lemon right from the start though.

Take care of the mower, store it out of the weather, keep it clean and serviced, keep the deck cleaned off, and inspect it every now and then, and you should be happy with it.

Let us know what you decide...and If we can give you any more advice!

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