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echo hedge trim wont hot restart

Ive got an echo hedge tamer 21 model gas 2 cycle trimmer. It starts OK by the instructions on the handle for cold starting. However when it runs out of gas and i refill it, it wont hot restart? Now Ive had it looked over and probably just wasted 45 bucks but they said its fine. I know its not fine as i have a sore arm today lol. I have to wait 10-20 minutes for it to cool down so i can use the cold start procedure. THen it starts fine. Is it just my starting procedure for hot thats wrong? Icant find the manual. Ive tried giving it no choke, half choke and all choke. None will restart it hot. Maybe i need throttle combined with choke to hot restart it? Thanks for ideas, ive got lots of shrubs to trim -Josh
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Hello: josh1

It's possible your not actually waiting for the engine too cool down. The waiting span of time may be allowing the fuel tank to balance out the vaccum created inside it.

The problem is caused by a plugged air vent in the fuel tanks gas cap. Next time try this. Opening the cap and then reinstall it.

Attempt to restart the engine. If the problem is the cap, the engine will start up as it does normally.

Another possible problem could be the spark plug. Try a new plug.

Oil to fuel ration may be all or part of the problem. Running the engine too lean on oil will cause it to run hotter then it should be.

Your hot starting method could also be all or part of the problem. No choke should need to be used for a hot restart.

Some 2 cycles will not startup on idle speed only while others will not start up with the throttle fully opened. Try several combinations but no choke should need to be applied.

Most likely I have not covered all of the potential possibilities. The other resident small engine service and repair professionals may offer additional suggestions, advice & help.

Check back on your topic several times over the next several days for additional replies.

Read the other postings and replies offered on this same type of problem topic in the recent postings, within this forum, for additional help & information on this subject.

If you need further assistance, use the REPLY button.

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took me 44 pulls to hot restart it today!

but never fear, im handy, so handy i went and bought an electric hedge cutter, the cord is a pain but at least it starts -Josh

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