Engine Sputters & Dies

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snowblower problem

I have an old Ariens 6 hp snowblower. it has a briggs and stratton engine 4cycle. from the date code it looks to be from 1974. it runs great however i have expeienced a problem last winter. i have two driveways and i have no problem doing one driveway but by the time i hit the second drive the problems start occuring. i'll be going along fine and all of a sudden it will drop to an idle and spit and sputter. i'll put the throttle down to idle and restart it and i will have to slooowly move the throttle to fast. if move it to fast it will die. it will then be good for a while then the same thing will happen. i'll have to restart. any suggestions. the carb was rebuilt 3 seasons ago, and it's probably only been used about 2 dozen times. thanks for any info.
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Hello J Craft. Welcome to our Small Engine forum.

Based on the age of the engine, problem could be in the ignition system. Older ignition systems used points and condensers.

Most likely, if it's whitin the eclectrical system, the condenser could be heating up and grounding out. Same may apply to the spark plug. Possible the magneto but not as likely.

When the problem begins, remove the plug, lay it across the engine head or block and crank the engine. You should beable to see if the plug is firing.

Check the throttle and kill switch and or kill contact in the throttle control. Ignition grounding may be the problem.

Always a possibility there is a fuel flow problem. Check for full volume fuel flow when the engine dies. Remove the fuel hose at the carb and test for fuel flow.

Could be a restricted vent in the fuel tanks cap. Loosen the cap when the begins to show signs of dropping to idle and appears to want to die out. If the engine resumes running well with the cap off or loosened, the caps vent is restricted or plugged.

Most likely I have not covered all of the potential possibilities. The other resident small engine service and repair professionals may offer additional suggestions, advice & help.

Check back on your topic several times over the next several days for additional replies.

Read the other postings and replies offered on this same type of problem topic in the RECENT & ARCHIVES postings, within this forum, for additional help & information on this subject.

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hello jcraft!

My first inclination would be to check the fuel cap for restricted vent. When the unit starts to sputter and die, loosen the cap and see if it evens back out. If not, Try backing out the air/fuel mixture screw 1/4 to 1/2 turn. Let us know what happens....if we need to, we'll go from there.

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