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re:lawn boy pull start problem

i was just given an old lawn boy push lawn mower with a two cycle engine and told if i could get it running correctly, it was mine.

there are just two minor problems, though.
1st, the pull start will pull enough to start the engine, but it has a hard time retracting back. it will feed slowly back into it, but i don't have the patience to slowly feed it back into the case every time i start the mower.
2nd, the engine seems to put out an unusual amount of smoke, like it is running too rich with oil, but i followed the manufactures mixing instructions perfectly.

i wish i could say what model engine that it is, but i don't know it and have no way of finding out.

thanks in advance.....
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Hello sladestalcup

Remove the pull rope starter housing from the engine. Underneath inside the cover will be the starter assembly.

Care must be used when attempting to remove the starter assembly. The spring is in the center and under tension.

Determine if you can remove the pulley without removing the spring and or if the spring will remain inside the cover if the rope pulley is removed.

If you can remove the pulley and rope without danger of the caged tensioned spring flying out, remove the rope and pulley.

Clean the surfaces of all parts. Lightly lube the parts that rub and or slide together and reassemble. Should resolve the starter and rope drag problems.

Change oils. Use a two cycle low ash synthetic oil and verify if there is a noticeable difference in smoke. Should help with the excessive smoking problem.

One other major advantage of using this type of oil, one package covers all oil mixture ratios into one blend. Follow the manufacturers package instructions.

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