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starter problems!!

I have a starter on a kolher engine.
16hp DENSO starter,It slams the starter gear against the fly wheel,but won't line up and mesh into the teeth and start turning the motor over.It will if I turn the fly wheel just a little,any suggestions??
Would appreciate any,thank you,
PS. the silenoide is on the side of the starter and has the fork arm that pops the startergear up into the teeth of the fly wheel!
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Hello fiddler1!

It sounds to me like the drive gear on the starter bendix or the ring gear on the flywheel is/are damaged. Does this problem occur every time you try to start it, or just sometimes? If it is everytime, then the starter gear is most likely the culprit. If it continues to do this, it may ruin the flywheel gear as well if it hasn't already. Look at the starter gear. Do the teeth have a rounded bevel at the top? Do they look gouged or badly worn? chipped?

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