how to dispose of stale gasoline

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how to dispose of stale gasoline

I tuned my snowthrower and drained some stale gas and I don't know how to dispose of it? What do I do?

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Hello Robert!

Thank you for choosing to dispose of the gasoline properly. Many people would toss it on the ground somewhere...illegally. Advance Auto parts accepts used oil and petroleum products. Gasoline shouldn't be a problem. There are many automitive shops that will take your used or old oil and gas as well. Some recyling places take it in my area. Hope this helps!
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how to dispose of stale gasoline

Hi Robert,

I run into this a lot with three chainsaws, a pressure washer, a cement mixer, a generator, a woodsplitter, a weedeater, and snow blower that all have to be drained at some time of the year.

I just pour the stale gas into my truck. There's so little of it that it gets diluted in the 25 gallon tank. Even two-cycle oil/gas mix doesn't affect performance in the truck, and you're reusing fuel that you paid a premium to buy in the first place.
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I do the same as Regnes.
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I hear so many people say I had 10 gallons or 25 gallons of stale gas and I burned it or filled milk jugs up and threw it away. I get so agravated, give it to me darn it. Its only 3 bucks a gallon so wasting isnt a issue I guess. I got a lawn cheif with a 3.5hp briggs and it had 6 year old gas in it and run fine but you had to start it with starting fluid. I hear people say it will damage the engine blah blah blah. I stick with what I know and years Ive used stale gas and everything I have still runs like a top. I tell people to mix some higher octane gas with it and starting isnt a problem. I dont have a problem pulling 3 times using stale gas. If it wont start on it then mix some fresh gas with it and it will start no problem. Or give it to me which is the best thing to do.
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I heard that the 10% ethanol blend we are forced to use reduces the useful life of gasoline greatly. Is this true?
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No, it's just the opposite, it's a preservative. It enhances the life of the blend since it mixes thoroughly with gasoline, unlike methanol. Since it is an alcohol, it will remain in its state unless exposed to air. If it is in a sealed container it will last much longer than gasoline (a hydrocarbon) would alone. Being hygroscopic, it will "suck" moisture from the air but only at a tiny rate and generally you needn't worry unless it is stored for extremely extended periods, which is highly unlikey. Think of your booze. It's an alcohol and does it go bad? Nope.
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