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Question starter problem

Sears 10HP Tecumseh rider mower, has been sitting up for a while, been a year since I started it. Battery was dead, charged and got the starter turning but would not engage the drive gear to the flywheel. Manually spun engine to make sure it wasn't frozen, then took the starter off and drive side apart, no apparent wear on teeth, gears, etc., lubed well and tried to get it to engage with my 2amp charger. All it would do is spark at the positive connection. Took it by an auto electric shop today, the guy put it in a vise on the bench and attached the positive lead several (about 15 times), every time the drive would spin up and motor enagaged and spun without problems. Returned home reset starter into postion and same as before, starter motor spins great , drive will not come up and engage flywheel. Is this a solenoid problem? Inline fuse is fine, single pole solenoid looks ok how do I check?
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Starter Engagement Problems


The purpose of the solonoid is to "relay" current from the battery
to the starter. If the starter spun all the way to the top of the
armature shaft when bench testing, it SHOULD do likewise on the
engine. I'd check your cables and connections. A loose, or bad
ground can reduce the amount of voltage received at the elec.
starter. I'd also put a FULL CHARGE on the battery and have it
"load tested" by a shop with this type of tester. If the battery in
this tractor is 2-3 years old....I'd expect to replace it. The life
expectancy of the L & G is about 3 years or less, normally. Check
out the electrical system providing current to this motor, and then
make your decision to replace it or not. Let us know how you
make out. Best wishes !!

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Hello artart!

The one thing that caught my attention was that you said you were trying to run the starter with a 2 amp charger. A 2 amp charger will not provide the current needed to spin the starter. You need a fully charged battery. If the starter spins too will not engage the bendix then either. Also, if the battery is connected backwards, the starter will spin in reverse, causing the gear to stay down. (I know, but I had to mention that...I've seen it happen before).

It doesn't sound like anything is wrong with your solenoid.

Let us know what you find!
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starting problems

I agree that a new batterty is in order, old one won't hold a charge, and thought the 2 amp charger might be too weak to push the starter. The charger I have has a 10 amp setting and a 50 amp starting setting, starter spins when I connect charger to battery at either 10 or 50 and ther starter installed on motor but still won't lift the drive into position.
Haven't changed connections on the battery and only one connection to the starter so can't see how that went backwards, will check all connections including ground and try that.

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