Leaf Blower Problem

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Weedeater Leaf Blower

I have a 19cc Weedeater FL1500 leaf blower that the pull cord has been hard pulling out.Yesterday I tried to start it and the cord came half out and stopped.I tried to pull it out but it was hung.I took the bottom off and turned the fins and got the cord rewound.It then started for one or two pulls then hung again. Any ideals what I need to do? I have looked for a web site that could help explain how to get into the cord but weedeater doesn't give us a web site to help out. Thanks for your help.
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Hello dispatcher43. Welcome to our Small Engine forum.

Chances are there is dirt under the starter housing cover and in the starter assembly. Removing the starter housing cover and cleaning the assembly should resolve the problem.

I do not suggest removing the starters rope pulley assembly from the housing cover if possible. The coiled spring may be set free. Coiled springs can be dangerous if not secured properly and may be difficult to reassemble once uncoiled.

Generic 2 cycle small engine service manuals contain instructions on how to remove rope pull starter assemblies and reassemble them. Would be a good idea to obtain a manual. Know what the basic procedures are to perform this task before attempting it may be worth while.

The other resident small engine service and repair professionals may offer additional suggestions, advice & help. Check back on your topic several times over the next few days for additional replies.

Read the other questions and replies offered on this same type of problem topic in the recent postings, within this forum, for additional help & information on this subject.

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I took the starter housing cover off and checked it for derbris and it was fairly clean. The rope pulls freely and returns freely while off the machine.When I put it back together the rope is still hanging.Anything else I might check ?
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Check the starter rope pulley real close to see if it is broke or cracked this can cause binding of the rope .I have saw alot of bad starter pulleys . Check to be sure the engine turns ok by hand. check to see if the starter pawls ( doggs ) are working ok, thats the two little spring loaded things that catch the pulley when you pull the rope, also check the pulley where the pawls contact it ,sometimes they can get damaged and cause the rope to slip or bind. Hope this helps.
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You might try pulling it with the spark plug removed.

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