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Question Old (8+ yrs) Craftsman snowblower....

I have a Craftsman snowblower which is 8+ yrs. old, apparently. I cannot find a manual for it, and I need to take it apart to order a part. Trouble is - I don't know which part to order! I have printed the diagram from Sears, but it doesn't look like mine! I need to replace the rubber ring that pushes against the wheel inside when I put it in gear, but I may also have to replace a bearing (?). Obviously, I have no clue! And I cannot afford to bring it to a shop - it was given to me a couple years ago, and took me thru one Vermont winter with no trouble. I'm a single mom, and don't have money to throw around.

Any ideas, suggestions, anything??? Thanks!
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Hello Vlamour!

The diagram you printed....was it from the sears website? I haven't run into problems on that site yet, but you never know. You can contact sears partsdirect at 1-800-366-PART (7278). I hope this helps. If not, post your model # and we'll see what we can find.
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Hi Vlamour

Sounds like what you may need is a friction wheel, which is relatively simple surgery. But as Cheese explained, you need to find your model number to know which one to order. The model number should be located on a plate somewhere on the front or side of your engine. That's the key to finding the right part.

I assume you want to replace the friction wheel because your snow blower is not moving when you put it in gear and engage the clutch lever. It's pretty common for these things to wear out because they are just a rubber-faced wheel.

The good news is that maybe you don't need a new friction wheel afterall. it is unlikely that you will need to replace a bearing. And if you do need to replace the friction wheel, it is a relatively easy task.

Just find a comfortable place to work (preferably in a garage or shed and not out in the snow), drain the gas tank or turn off the gas valve under the tank and screw a plastic bag under the gas cap (to keep the gas from draining out the vent hole when you tip the machine), then enlist someone to help you tip the snowblower forward so you can remove the access plates on the bottom and back of the machine. If your snowblower has drift cutters (~16" steel strips bolted to the top of your auger housing), you can lean it on them. Otherwise, you will have to set up a sawhorse or pallet or some other support to hold the machine upright on its auger assembly.

You'll have some bolts (probably 9/16") to remove to expose the clutch/gear assembly. Take the access plate off and you'll see a shiny circular disk with a rubber-rimmed friction wheel mounted on a shaft perpendicular to it. Maybe all you need to do is clean the drive disk with solvent (Breakleen from any auto supply store works well). While you're in there, work the gear shift from forward to reverse to see how this marvelous piece of engineering functions. Personally, I'd start with cleaning the drive disk, then reassembling the machine and testing to see how it works. If the problem is solved, you have fixed it for the price of a can of solvent.

If that didn't work, order a new friction wheel (about $35). When it arrives, prop the machine up again (remember the gas shut off and plastic bag), remove the cover plates, and you'll find just 3 or 4 bolts holding the friction wheel on the shaft. Remove the bolts, remove the old wheel, replace with the new wheel, and tighten the bolts. While you're in there, it wouldn't hurt to oil any of the gears and chains you see. Then replace the cover plates, remove the plastic bag, open the fuel line, and you should be good to go.

I only know something about this because I had to do it to my aging Montgomery Ward snow blower last year. Other more experienced mechanics on this site may be able to offer better details on the procedure.
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I'm not sure how you're coming across these posts, but if you'll look at the thread date, they are from 4 years ago. Are you finding posts from the archives, or using the search function?

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