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Chainsaw Running Problem

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11-11-02, 03:07 PM   #1  
can't keep chainsaw running

i have got a mccculloch chainsaw a MAC 110 14 inch bar model #600016c i purchased the chainsaw for 20 dollars i had'nt been cranked 1 year i changed the fuel line and cleaned out the exsaust it will crank now but will not stay running somebody told me to adjust the high/low turn them allthe down and turn back out 2and a half to 3 turns is thereany truth in that?? and it will not reve up like it is suppose to when i give it gas is it worth fixing? the sreen in carb. has been cleaned out thanks for the help

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11-11-02, 05:54 PM   #2  
Good carb cleaning

I think if the saw has been sitting for a year or more you should give it a thorough carb cleaning including the jets. I had a remington that hadn't been run for a while that I could get started by messing with the choke but it would not stay running if i didn't keep playing with the choke. I had the carb cleaned out and it ran like a thoroughbred.

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11-11-02, 11:58 PM   #3  
Hello Sniper3270!

I agree...you probably need to clean the carb well and blow out all passages. You can try adjusting the screws as you mentioned, it may or may not help. Make sure none of the fuel lines are cracked, the filter in the tank is not restricted, lines aren't pinched, gas cap vent is not plugged, exhaust is not plugged, etc...

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God bless!

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11-12-02, 05:57 AM   #4  
hey guys thanks for the input i will try cleaning the carb. real good i'm trying to learn all i can about small engines so any advise about my promblem would be helpful thanks

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11-16-02, 02:09 AM   #5  
Working on most of the small McCullochs is a nightmare, and
something I refuse to do. If I get one in the shop, I put in fresh
fuel, turn out both mixture screws 2-3 turns, try to start. Once
I get it running, or if,I let is run a little to get the fuel moving through the carb, then I readjust both needles to 1 -1 1/2 turns out and run it a little more, then finish the fine adjustments.
If I cannot get it to run right, I hand it back to them, no charge.

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03-13-06, 12:18 AM   #6  
If you got that Mac for $20 chances are that it was too much of a problem for the previous owner to maintain or fix. It could just be worn out.

I tried to trade in my old Mac 34/14 for a new Stihl. The dealer took it back in the shop, messed with it for a few minutes, then came out with a counter offer. He said, "I'll sell you the Stihl and throw in three extra chains, a sharpening kit, and a chain sheath, and you take this Mac back home with you."

There's a point where a small engine gets so worn out that it loses compression and is not worth the money to fix it.

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