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Craftsmen self propel mower wheels

It seems that there were two wheel designs of the front propel Craftsmen rear bagger walk behind mower units. I am dealing with the one that has the gear points facing away from the axle. I have good rubber on the wheel with the chewed up gear and bad rubber on a "good gear wheel". Has anyone ever changed the rubber on one of these wheels (or is this way too cheap) ?
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It may be harder than you think to get the rubber on and off, especially if the rubber is weatherd and hard.These wheels you have are very common used on alot of mowers. You mite want to take one of the wheels to a local small engine shop and see if they can match it. Im betting they can and I dont think they will be that expensive. Have a good one.
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Parts Sources

Hello: racket7

Changing the rubber on the wheels is not easily possible nor practical. Replacing the entire wheel is the best bet.

Potential sources for manuals and or replacement parts:

BILLIOU'S 1-209-784-4102

L.S.THORPE CO. INC. 1-617-776-2445

I do not have any affiliations nor vested interests in either of these retail parts suppliers. Provided solely to assist with locating parts.

Small engine parts can also be found at your local small engine and lawn mower repair shops listed in the phone book.

Regards & Good Luck,
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You don't mention the model #, but if it starts with 917, it is made by American Yard Products. Many Sears mowers are.

You could go online to, then click parts. Plug in your full model # and then get the part #.

Call up AYP (They are in GA) and see if they sell the parts direct. If not, ask for a distributor. Give the distributor the AYP #. If you tell them it's a Sears, they may tell you "we can't sell you Sears stuff. You have to go back to them". Sears wants tight control on their vendors selling to the public, but I have gotten around it .

Just a thought.
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Got the rubber switched !

You might think this nuts... but I sat a Honda sissor jack against one side of the cement doorway (out of the cellar) and stacked up short scrap 2 x 4s against the opposite side of the opening with a space between them so that they caught the rubber on top and bottom and cranked pressing the plastic center through and out. Pressed the good-one on in a similar way. Silly... but it worked just fine. I guess anyone with a cement doorway, and a junkyard jack actually owns a good micky-press. No? I wouldn't recommend this as general practice... it got scary under pressure.
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Im with you buddie. not nutts, GENIUS
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You are not nuts !!!! If it works safely, why not ???


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