Snowblower question?


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Question Snowblower help needed?

I inherited a 15 year old 4 cycle, 5hp techumseh w/electric start. I have no manuals. I started it up yesterday for 1st time. After it warmed up I increased throttle to find it cuts out between 3/4 and full everytime. Additionally I can keep it running at 3/4 until I engage the auger and or Drive and try to throw snow, (then it dies). I suspect a choke issue coupled with a not properly tuned throttle. I do not want to take it into a shop as it defeats the purpose of learning small engine repair. Any help on a step by step plan of attack would be greatly appreciated. How do I adjust throttle to properly work at peak performance on full? How do I ensure choke is working correctly? If it can't handle the load of auger(and wheel engagement)what does that indicate? Am I on right track here or totally off base?
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Im not thinking it would not be a choke problem. A simple look at the choke butterfly in the outside end of the carb, would tell you alot . In choke position it should be closed all the way. In run or off choke it should be open all the way. It sounds like you mite have a partially stopped up carburetor you mite want to pick you up a can of spray carb. cleaner and take the carb off and clean it out espically the jets , be careful where the linkage hooks up you mite want to mark the linkage berore you take off the carb.I always wash the carb with water after i clean it with carb. cleaner because the cleaner is hard on the rubber gaskets , seals,needle and seat. I then dry the water out with air pressure. if this dont help i would shoot for an ignition problem. You can let me know how it turns out.
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Hello scootrd!

I agree that you most likely have a carb problem. I would first remove the bolt that holds the carb bowl on. Look inside the bolt, and on the sides, and you will see some tiny holes. Make sure they are clear. It may be something as simple as richening an adjustment screw. (the engine is running too lean by your description).

Let us know how it goes!
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