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Question Gasoline

What is the best type (regular ect.) gasoline that can be used in a small engine...and why.
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As far as I know, regular gasoline is reccomended for use by ALL small engine manufacturers. As far as why....I can only speculate that the higher-octane gas would change the ignition-speed of the fuel, combustion temperatures, and combustion pressures. Whether or not it would really make any difference...I don't know. Maybe someone a little more educated about fuel can give you better advice.
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I do know of some engines that ask for mid grade I think its 89 grade. here is why I would use mid grade or above.Gas companys are allowed to blend other stuff with their regular gas, examples old used oil , waste gas ,waste kerosene, waste diesel and other stuff hard to believe, but it is fact. That is what you are putting through you engine when you use regular gas. Hope this helps.
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I agree with Cheese. There is no need to use high test fuel in ANYTHING unless it recommends it.

My neighbor's Acura owner's manual (this is a $50,000 vehicle) states that premium fuel, unless needed due to pinging is an unnecessary expense. Almost every owner's manual I have read says the same thing.

I use regular in everything but my 80 Turbo Trans Am and 1979 400 4 speed Trans Am, since they sit the longest and they are also high performance engines.

Usually, you can use 87 and work your way up to avoid pinging in an engine.

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