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Unhappy Amsoil

While in a discussion with my local small engine parts supplier. the subject of Amsoil synthetic two cycle oil came up. He says to mix it twice the amount of what they recommend on the side of the bottle. I've been using it for the last three years or more per the bottles instructions. I have a string trimmer, leaf blower, snow blower and I use the same 100:1 mix in all.

Sooooooooo, what say guys ???? Should I double the amount of the oil ??? So far, so good with no ill effects yet !!!

No, I'm not a Amsoil dealer or such, just a user of the product.

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Hello Small Shop!

I have not used the product enough to give you first-hand experience, however, I have heard good things about the oil. Many people are using it at 100:1 ratio with no problems. That is how I would run it. If you've had success with that ratio for 3 years, then it's probably safe to say you're doing it right. Doubling it would only use more oil and pollute more.

I think Marturo....a moderator in another forum has a lot of good info on using synthetic 2stroke oil. I'll see if I can get him over here to give you his thoughts.
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Thanks Cheese !

I was told to double the mix as the mechanic said he had seen cylinder scoring problems etc. The only "things" I have seen are cleaner spark plugs, no or minimal exhaust smoke quicker starting etc.

I'd like to see more comments, good or bad, posted here so thanks for getting in touch with the other guy you mentioned.

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Smile 100 to 1 make your 2 cycle happy.

Hi cheese & all

I started using an oil back in the 70s called Full Bore Synthetic Racing two stroke oil. I started at 75 to 1 & worked up to 100 to one. The power we got over bikes using 32 to 1 Conventional oil, was unbelievable. At first Jap bikes then Euro Bikes, both types showed big power increases on the Dyno.

We in the Racing game & Mechaincs of the 2 Cycle engine, have known this for a long time. After awhile, you get tired of the guy at the parts store, who can't be a Mechanic but wants to, drowing you out with BS.

"More oil you must use more oil", or the engine will burn up .
The more oil you choose to use, will cause more heat & damage to that 2 cycle than you can imagine. Carry more spark plugs with you, so the unvaporized oil can contaminate them & cause your engine to carbon up & get even hotter as the comp ratio climbs due to carbon build up.

Simple. Oil is uncompresable. Oil causes heat build up when compresed. Oil is a 1 time lubricant & is then out the exhaust less consumed than the fuel in a 2 cycle. There is very little in a 2 cycle that needs oil from the fuel. Just so little is realy needed.

On Motorcycles with an automatic oiling system, we set them up to 0 oil at Idle & this was one way to increase power, and very little or no smoke from emmisions. Remember even Gasoline, has some lubricating ability.

When you use real synthetic oil, all the molecular balls are the same size and very small. As conventional oil is burned off in the sump of a 4 cycle, the small balls are first to go. Big balls don't get in as deep and that causes metal to metal wear.

If you want to keep a 2 cycle engine cool & running clean, use synthetic oil @ 100 to 1. I have been doing this since early 70s & just figure it's a great con, to sell more parts that keeps folks using to much oil in their 2 cycles. A wives tale LOL.

I use Mobil 2 cycle synthetic oil & Amzoil is as good, or better. Off brands or tricks like Castrol uses in Synthec don't apply.

I gain nothing in telling you this. However if you do some study of the 2 cycle engine, & convence yourself, you will have everything to gain.

Just another retired Mechanic, telling the truth

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Well said and well taken Marturo. You have me convinced !!!
Back in the early 70's I used to race go-karts. At first we used the "standard" 2 cycle oils in our McCullough MC 91-B engine, then other karters introduced us to Klotz racing oil. I think that was synthetic if I remember correctly. It made quite a difference in power and rpm's.

Thanks, Steve

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