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can some one tell me how to adjust air/fuel mixture screws on my
homelite saw w/walbor carb ?
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actually its called high and low speed screws. what the high speed screw does is basically set the top speed rpm.s, be vary careful with this screw its life or death to your saw. the low speed screw adjusts how well it runs at idle and how well it accelerates. turn both screws all the way in just snug, dont force them. turn them back out about 1.5 to 2 turns start the saw check how it idles if it sounds fine at idle see how it accelerates if it dont accelerate smoothly you are to lean, turn the low screw out til it accelerates smooth, remember you can change the idle with the idle screw. Now the high screw. At full throttle the saw should have a flutter or slite missing sound you may have to turn screw in oor out to hear the difference in sound, dont smooth the saw all the way out at full throttle it will be running to fast and this will blow the engine
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thanks alot for the info i put a carb kit in it last night i'll try it when i start it

thanks rclark

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