Tractor Battery(storing)


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Tractor Battery(storing)

I took out my lawn tractor battery for winter and put it in my garage on a piece of wood. Is it safe there??? Do batteries usually die off if just left in the garage??? Was working fine before i took it out??? I don't want it to leak or explode in the garage. Could it???
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Hello MDJ48!

The battery should not explode, but may leak a little in the garage. The battery can run down over time without use though. The best thing to do is leave it in the tractor and crank up the engine every 3 weeks or so and let it run for 5 or 10 minutes. This keeps the battery charged, the carb from gumming up, the engine parts and starter from getting stuck, oil circulated, and several other things. This is the best way to avoid springtime troubles.

If you are going to leave the battery out, then I would also reccomend draining the fuel from the mower, crank it up and burn the fuel out of the carb, and store the mower out of the weather if possible.

Another thing to do to your mower when it is stored is clean any clippings off of the deck and clean the clumped clippimgs from under the deck too. These clippings decompose and create acids that eat and rust the metal and can cause holes to develop in the deck.

Take care!
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Tractor battery storing

My tractor is on its last legs. so i usually just take the battery out and hope for the best in the spring. You are right, but for now i just want to leave it in the garage so the mice don't eat it . Longs i know its safe there i 'll feel better
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Its a good idea because of the cold of the concrete floor from the concrete , but the concrete does not drain a battery. Heat and cold drains a battery.

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