charging problem


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charging problem

I had a Briggs 8 horse horizontal shaft on my sawmill that threw a rod. End of engine. Neighbor gave me an 8 horse but it was not electric start. I swapped the starter and the stator and the flywheel and it works OK.

Only I can't tell if it is charging. All its got is two wires that come from the stator. They are connected to the battery through the starter button connections.

Also the new engine has something that looks like points in a housing inside the flywheel. The "old" engine didn't have anything like that. I did'nt mess with it and it works OK, but I was curious.
Can this thing really have points mounted in such a way you have to remove the flywheel to adjust them?
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It sounds like you have whats called a dual circuit altinator (stator). If you need to know if its wired up correctly I will need to know the color of the two wires on the stator and the color of the wire connectors on the ends of the two wires. If you have a voltmeter put it on DC volts check voltage on battery, then start the engine then check voltage agian it should be higher with the engine running, also you should notice some difference in voltage with different engine speed. At full throttle you should be getting 13 to 15 volts. If you dont have a voltmeter use a 12 light in place of the volt meter with higher speeds the light should get brighter. let me know if you need more help.
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Hello Hydra!

One of the two wires coming from the stator should have a diode in it near the connector. It will be a "lump" in the wire covered with black shrink-wrap insulation. This wire should be connected to the battery pos.(+). Don't bypass the diode. The other wire should NOT be connected directly to the battery. If the engine is charging, you will show 13 to 15 volts on that wire when the engine is running at full throttle.

You are correct about the points if there is a round aluminum cover on the top of the engine under the flywheel. This is where the points are. The setting for the points is .020" at TDC if you decide to check and adjust them. If your old engine has solid state ignition, then you can just change the coil/armature over to the engine you are using now to do away with the point system. Just leavbe the points in there and clip the wires and install the saolid state armature with a .010" gap between it and the flywheel.

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